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I love to meet and talk to regular and new customers! I find out new information about what YOU like and what YOU would like to see and experience at La Petite France. And I also like to discover new ways to help YOU feel more excited about your dining pleasures. Especially when eating at home isn’t an option and eating out is a treat!


As a chef and entrepreneur for over 30 years, I do my best to ensure YOUR dining and business needs are met. And that’s the purpose of this Blog page. To inspire, inform, and even entertain you with tidbits of knowledge that will:


·         Empower you to maintain overall health by the foods you eat

·         Engage in culinary-related discussions

·         Enlighten you with new and traditional information about the culinary industry


Please join me on this personal and professional journey through my Blog each week. I look forward to your feedback too!

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  1. Elsa 09/01/2013 22:34

    I’ve just discovered your listing for winterlicious 2013. I love the variety offered on your menu as well as your obvious concern for your patrons’ enjoyment. We hope to get reservations for this year.

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